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Ambassador Delano Lewis is a lawyer with a career of 40 years spanning five sectors - Federal Government, Business, Nonprofit, Diplomatic Service and Academic.

He received many honorary degrees and distinguished service awards. He has served on several major corporate boards including J.P. Morgan Chase, Apple, BET, GEICO, Colgate-Palmolive, Halliburton & Eastman Kodak.

Latest Podcast Episodes

Conversation with Lonnie Klein

Feb 12, 2020

Lonnie Klein is the esteemed Maestro of the Las Cruces New Mexico Symphony. In addition to an extensive regular concert season with the Las Cruces Symphony Orchestra [New Mexico} Lonnie…

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Conversations with Del Lewis Junior

Feb 12, 2020

Del Lewis Junior talks about his new book release “Get Your Ship Together”

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Conversation with KC Counts

Jan 5, 2020

KC Counts is the operations manager of KRWG FM, of National Public Radio

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About Delano & the Podcast

Lewis describes his podcast as real stories, unscripted and honest. “The format is one of rekindled conversation with prominent individuals that helped me in my career and how I may have helped them,” he says. “It is the sharing of memories that intertwine with my career – stories that you would never hear anywhere else, unless you happen to be a ‘fly on the wall’.”

Many of the guests Lewis has reached out to typically decline podcasting. “But for me, they beamed with excitement,” Lewis shares. “The lineup for the first year is nothing short of a who's who in our country. The listener will be inspired, young or old. But what brings the most joy is that I have found my ‘what’s next’, and I hope you plan on being a fly on the wall.”

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