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I am so excited to have you here on my site and I know that you will find each episode inspiring, entertaining and educational. My purpose behind each episode of the podcast is to interact with various guest who are leaders of their industry and have lots to say about our present-day world. I am thrilled that so many guests from varying industries have agreed to talk with me as we interact about anything and everything.
Enjoy the shows!

About The Show

Welcome to “Left-Right-Forward Podcast” Conversations with Ambassador Delano Lewis.

The format is one of rekindled conversation with prominent individuals that helped me in my career and how I may have helped them. These are real stories, unscripted and honest. The format is the sharing of memories that intertwine with my career, stories that you would never hear anywhere else unless you happen to be a "fly on the wall"

For example, a candid conversation with Robert Johnson and how he Co-founded B.E.T. and became the first African American billionaire. Or a conversation with former Secretary of State Madeline Albright about how she addressed me in the hallway during my training before leaving for South Africa as the U.S. Ambassador. What if you could hear the back and forth of the call when then-Vice President Al Gore called my home in New Mexico to offer me the opportunity to become the next ambassador to South Africa.

The guest I have reached out to have indicated that they normally don't do a podcast, but for me they beamed with excitement. I must admit that I am still in shock that I have yet to receive a no from anyone I’ve reached out to. The lineup for the first year is nothing short of a who's who in our country. The listener will be inspired, young or old. They will be entertained as well as let in on stories that were probably going to die within me. The symmetry of being a bit nervous about turning 80 and now having this incredible opportunity to share real-life stories of my career with the people who were right there at the time has turned back the clock for me personally.

I am extremely blessed to have such a supportive family and such amazing friends and co-workers that have helped me along the way. I am sure they will say that I helped them as well and that is true, but what brings the most joy is that I have found my “what’s next” I hope you plan on being a fly on the wall.


About Delano & the Podcast

Ambassador Delano Lewis is a born public and motivational speaker. Starting a podcast was a natural next step for the former United States Ambassador to the Republic of South Africa. He is honest, candid and full of amazing stories that go back to the days when he served as regional director of the Peace Corps in Africa to his run for public office in Washington DC.

His conversations with prominent guest will be sure to cover the gambit of his illustrious career and keep the listener pinning for more.

I believe in a Country that is inclusive where we are all equal regardless of where we arrived from or what we look like. We live in the greatest Country in the World and the opportunity to live a wonderful and prosperous life should never be compromised.

Ambassador Delano Lewis

Delano E. Lewis, Sr, a native Kansan, received a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Kansas in 1960 and a Juris Doctorate Degree from Washburn University School of Law, Topeka Kansas, in 1963

Mr. Lewis served ten years in the Federal Government from 1963 until 1973. He served as an attorney with the Dept. of Justice; as an attorney in the Office of Compliance in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; Associate Director of the US Peace Corps in Nigeria and Country Director of US Peace Corps in Uganda; Legislative Assistant to US Senator Edward W. Brooke of Massachusetts and Chief of Staff for Delegate Walter Fauntroy of the District of Columbia.

From 1973 until 1984, Delano Lewis was an executive with the C& P Telephone Company in Washington DC, a subsidiary of AT&T. From 1984 until 1994, he was an Officer of Bell Atlantic (now Verizon) retiring in 1994 as President and CEO of the District of Columbia operations. In 1994, Mr. Lewis was named President and CEO of National Public Radio in Washington, DC.

In June 1999, President Clinton nominated Delano Lewis as US Ambassador to the Republic of South Africa. The United States Senate confirmed him on November 10th 1999. He assumed his Ambassadorship in Pretoria, South Africa on December 22, 1999 and served until his retirement from Diplomatic Service on July 13, 2001.

Mr. Lewis has been a recipient of many awards and honorary degrees, most notably, Washingtonian of the Year in 1978. He received a distinguished Alumni Citation from his alma mater, The University of Kansas, in 1994. There are numerous honorary degrees from such institutions as Barry University, Bowie State University, Washburn University, George Washington University, Kent State University, NOVA Southeastern University, Southern Illinois University and Lafayette College. Presently, he serves on the boards of Colgate Palmolive, and American Institutes for Research.

Delano Lewis and his wife Gayle reside in Las Cruces, NM and he is President and CEO of his consulting practice, Lewis Associates, Inc. The Lewis’ have 4 adult sons and 11 grandchildren.

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